Daymond John’s Success Formula, renowned for empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, faced a challenge: filling convention spaces with like minded, quality entrepreneurs while providing high-quality coaching to deserving clients. They needed a robust strategy to attract more attendees and support their clients effectively.

The Challenge

The primary goal was to significantly increase leads for their conventions while ensuring quality coaching for entrepreneurs. The challenge was twofold: not only to attract a larger audience but also to offer substantial support and guidance to help these entrepreneurs succeed.

The Bandit Solution

Media Bandit stepped in with a comprehensive digital strategy tailored to these needs. Our approach included:

  • Targeted Digital Campaigns: Utilizing advanced digital marketing techniques, we created personalized campaigns to reach potential attendees, focusing on the unique value of the conventions.
  • Lead Generation Optimization: By refining the online lead generation process, we ensured a higher conversion rate, turning interest into confirmed attendees.
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching Program: We developed a coaching program to mentor Daymond John’s most promising clients, focusing on practical strategies for business growth & success.

The Results

Media Bandits custom tailored solution resulted in a large increase in attendance along with a decrease in advertising costs which ultimately led to higher conversions. We also developed a unique process with our team to coach and support new customers through in-person & online coaching and consulting.

Reduced Budget


Increased Conversions